Thursday, October 13, 2005

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This is a funny game and I will play it along with Carla from the other side of the ocean...


  1. I am 32.
  2. I am half Taurus half Gemini because I was born in-between
  3. I am a Professional Illustrator mainly for children and studied Painting at the school of Fine Arts and some other stuff
  4. I don’t eat dairy or meat because I can’t
  5. I live 5 minutes from the ocean an I love the sea
  6. I love Lisbon and all the red roofs but I wouldn’t mind leaving in NYC half of the year
  7. I love books and picture books
  8. I love reading the VOGUE and buying shoes and bags and have a huge wardrobe but I need more space
  9. I eat lots of soy yogurts
  10. I love to go out at night and dance
  11. I love cold winter days with blue skies
  12. I don’t like sleeping
  13. I love wolfs
  14. I love my friends
  15. I worry all the time about the environment
  16. I love cookies but don’t like chocolate that much
  17. I love painting my nails
  18. I love cinema and animation
  19. If I don’t travel I become uneasy
  20. I can’t tag anybody because I am late finishing my 13th book and my publisher will “kill” me ;-)

miúdas da festa
Adélle and I-2005


Blogger carla said...

Thank you, Carla! I so enjoyed learning those facts about you. I also just love your childhood've grown up to be a beautiful lady:> Now...get back to work!

10:56 PM  
Blogger ladybug said...

Olá Carla, gostei de te conhecer um bocadinho mais!
Tens a mesma expressão de qd eras pequenita!

11:04 AM  
Blogger steve said...

That makes two of us who enjoy animated cartoons!
Let the animators rise up !

6:24 PM  

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