Monday, November 28, 2005


This one is for the girls (just choose one :) )


Friday, November 25, 2005

Illustration friday #14

small HOUSE


This is an old one, 2 years more or less, and belongs to a project with my sister's text
for a picture book of opposites.
Still in the drawer...
This would be the front/backcover.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Illustration Friday#13-FREE


This one was made for a small story about a Tiger which asked a Cat if it could teach him some things.

One day the Tiger asked the teacher Cat if it had taught him everything it knew and when the Cat said “Yes, I did” the ungrateful Tiger decided to have its teacher for lunch.

But the Cat climbed a tree till where the Tiger could not reach it and that’s when the wise animal told the Tiger that in fact it hadn’t taught everything to its pupil.

Of course the Cat remained FREE.

This time I also wish to thank everyone who always comes to visit NSEW and say that I am really sorry but sometimes I don’t have enough time to visit all the blogs and see your illustrations.

Although seeing my work through your eyes made/and makes me understand things I couldn’t see by myself.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Illustration Friday N#12

Just arrived from Barcelona where I pressed "refresh" :-)
See some photos at big sister's post before this one.

...And still in time to participate in this topic for Illustration Friday.


I did this more than one year ago for an article with the topic muscles.
This time I'll go for the quite obvious, he he he


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goodmorning Blog and Bloggers!

Long time no see. As usual. It has been almost six months since the last time I have posted. Como eu já disse atrás... isto dos blogs para mim, ainda tem muito que se lhe diga. é que nem sempre apetece postar. Mas finalmente I have done something I feel like sharing. i traveled again and travelling, as usually, makes me feel refresehed as I remember all those that also never stop. I went to Barcelona. Barcelona é uma cidade fabulosa. Não é como Londres, de que já também falei aqui neste blog. Quem vai a Londres, pode muito bem nunca mais voltar. é uma magia especial que está naquela cidade. Quem vai a Barcelona, voltará lá sempre. Gostava de ter mais viagens que me dessem este prazer de escrever e postar. Gostava que este blog fosse dedicado às viagens que todos nós fazemos. Gostava de ter mais tempo para preenche-lo.

Como nem sempre tenho deixo mais vez o convite àqueles que tenham as suas viagens especiais para partilhar neste blog. Quem quiser comente isso e nós fazemos o convite para participarem. As i have said before i left this bloge opened to all those who have their special journeys to share. just say it and we will gladly add you to this global blog.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Illustration Friday n#11

I love the night...


These two belong to a book named "The dream is" (sort of...)
which I finished illustrating 2 weeks ago.

It will be published next year.
So it is a sort of sneakpreview :)



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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Para Venda 3- for sale

Estas são serigrafias feitas no Centro Português de Serigrafia em edição limitada.

Medem ambas 50x70 cm.

A hora do banho

(desta já existem poucos exemplares)

info: rustgirl(at)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Some more illustrations for sale
Mais ilustrações para venda

E-mail for info/informações

Rustgirl (at)

31x24 cm (notícias magazine-terra do nunca)

E. 29x21,5cm (noticías magazine-terra do nunca)


I am selling some originals which were published in magazines in the last years.

Estou a vender estes originais de ilustrações que foram publicadas em revistas nos últimos anos e outras que são inéditas.

No caso de estar interessado escreva para o e-mail


A. 31x23,5cm (notícias magazine-terra do nunca)

B. 30x22cm (notícias magazine-terra do nunca)

C. 31x 23cm (notícia magazine-terra do nunca)