Monday, January 30, 2006

No drawings

Sometimes words don't need illustrations...

I've taken this from someone's blog and now ,I am sorry, but I cannot remember who's.Sorry, sorry...
But I find it really beautiful..

Excerpt from The Inventor's Diary: "Imagine Me and You, I Do" -

"...before we ever met, and even yet, I hold dear my visions of you, swinging high as the sky from the old willow tree. I dutifully push you higher and higher, aglow from the sound of your giggles amid squeels of delight. The smoothness of your skin torched a fire inside of me, an encounter with strange feelings that I didn't yet understand but intuitively knew were right and good. I imagine sweeter things than these, like rushing madly, hand-in-hand, to the old red barn and racing up well-used wooden ladders, polished silver from age and wear. Playing hide and seek in the hay if it wasn't too hot - it always was - and laying there, tracing your face with my fingers, eyes closed, memorizing every dimple, crease and curve...until the heat overwhelmed us and sent us running back to the coolness of the meadows and fields. I smile and remember, marveling at the perfectness of innocent love. Then cry, regaining my senses, I realize that we're not innocent anymore..."

This I got from a friend in Barcelona.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

...and my ONLY picture with a cat


And this is me about 5 years ago, aged 27 , with my sister's fat cat Pinto Alberto

Illustration Friday #19-CATS

Well, that's me.
After trees and houses, the thing I draw more is cats. Don't ask me why...
I could post a cat everyday for one year ,but then this would be a CATS' blog ;-)

Jam session cat

Cats in books
Cats and cats


But all my cats come from John Tenniel's Cheshire Cat which I always loved. And still do.
And finally I got my chance to do it in our animation (in progress) about Alice in Wonderland.
see some more at

(this one is not ready yet-3D conception Emanuel R.)

Curious thing is that actually I've been invited to do Alice in Wonderland because my producers had seen this illustrator (ME!) who did a lot of cats!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Illustration Friday

E is ...for Evening
and the stories we tell before going to sleep


And this one is dedicated to Maggie
for calling me back to a blog's life ;-)

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