Sunday, May 21, 2006

the year of magic presents

It has been the year of magic presents...I got really amazing ones.
Besides two of his wonderful books yesterday, I got from my friend Alain,
some weeks ago, the original from one of his illos I had been completely in love with for
last couple of months.

Alain Corbel (c)

It has been done for Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, a project for cd cover’s some of us did for a newspaper.

Alain is also one of my favourite illustrators, he’s amazingly versatile and a great writer as well.


This was my project, here not finished, it will come out with the 1st part of Cosi Fan Tute.

But I think it would be better for a Requiem :), I don’t appreciate Mozart and think this one came out really quite weird, hehehe....

Rather do a cd cover for Tchaikovsky’s Op.35 ,concerto in D Major for Violin.

That would be a lovely illustration...


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